Return and Cancellation Policy for Jack Bosch Land Profits

We offer our clients with the following return options based on the type of product or manner in which the product was purchased.

Our Products and Subscriptions include, but are not limited to:


  1. Online Training Courses - Land Profit Generator 2.0
  2. Physical Products (see product list above)
  3. Live Event Ticket Sales
  4. Land Profit Maximizer Workshop Live and Virtual Workshop
  5. Coaching Program
  6. Live Event Product Purchases (Land Profit Generator Event)
  7. Live Event Product Purchases (Hosted By 3rd Party)
  8. Special Promotional Offers and Package Deals
  9. Subscription and Memberships

Additional Terms


Refund Process

When a client submits a Return Request or Cancellation Request, we first offer technical support and attempt to resolve any other concerns. If a refund is still desired, you will need to submit your refund request by filling out and submitting the Return Request form online at

Or, by mail by sending a written request to:
Orbit Publishing, LLC
20860 N. Tatum Blvd #300
Phoenix, AZ 85050

(Written requests must be postmarked within 30 calendar days of purchase).

Return instructions and/or proof of refund will be sent to you from our office digitally by email. Returned items will NOT be accepted without prior approval from our office.

Audio and video courses include various anti-fraud devices and technologies designed to prevent illegal copying. If ANY of these anti-fraud devices are determined to have been opened, cut, tampered with or compromised in any way, Jack Bosch Land Profits will NOT accept the product for a refund.

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This page was last revised on: 2021/02/15